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Charge the Koch brothers with attempting to bribe members of Congress

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While Congress debated a replacement for the Affordable Care Act, to influence the outcome to their personal benefit, the Koch brothers announced at a well-timed moment that they would reward any member of Congress who voted against the bill with access to a fund of "millions of dollars" to help them gain re-election and that those who voted for the bill would be denied any funds. This is classic bribery, "The act of giving something valuable with the intention of influencing the recipient in some way favorable to the party providing the bribe".

It matters not if you supported or opposed the GOP effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act. It only matters that you won't stand for your rights as an American citizen to be represented in Congress by your elected official being bought away by millionaires and billionaires. 

This petition also asks that the Justice Department make it clear that any Congressman who is on record for opposing the repeal of the ACA and who subsequently takes funds from the Koch brothers will be investigated for accepting a bribe.

That this offer could be made publically by the Koch brothers so easily is an indication of how comfortable millionaires and billionaires have become in throwing their money at politicians to get what they want. Sign this to stop this corruption. You have a right to full representation in Congress. Nobody has the right to bribe it away from you!


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