Intervene the Genocide Against Innocent Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar Before it's Too Late

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Rohingya Muslims are hated upon. They are avoided. They are discriminated. Attacked physically and killed for being innocent people living in Myanmar. There are over 1.1 million Rohingya Muslims living in Myanmar and they’ve been living there all their lives, but now some Rohingya rather die than return to their own country.

In 1948, when Myanmar left British rule, the Rohingya were left out of everything. It wasn’t until two years later that they were able to receive IDs. But in 1962, the Rohingya were only able to receive foreign identity cards, making it harder for them to find better jobs or a better education. As the years went by, things just got worse for the Rohingya. A new citizenship law was passed that required paperwork to prove that the Rohingya had lived in Myanmar since before 1948, but many were denied the documents.

Since 1970, this has forced the Rohingya to flee the only place they called home to Bangladesh, Malaysia, and many other Southeast Asian countries. Over half a million people have fled their homes to neighboring countries, yet most don’t make it. A lot of people that leave are leaving illegally and taken by traffickers. Zoya, who lived in Myanmar, recalls that 16 days after her son Mohammed fled Myanmar in 2014, she received a call from traffickers demanding $1,500 to ensure her son's freedom. She sold all her family’s rations only resulting in not get a call in return. A while later, she received a call from her son saying not to give the traffickers the money, he’s been sold to someone else. Zoya and her family haven’t heard from Mohammed since.

Innocent people that are still stuck in Myanmar are avoided. They aren’t free. No one wants to give them jobs or even a nice place to live and it’s a terrible thing that’s happening. Because of this, these harmless people are stateless and sent into frightful internal displacement camps. Rohingya Muslims don’t get healthcare, adequate living places, clean water, and food in the camps they were forced into against their will.

Children are suffering from malnutrition and very bad illnesses. They are running around in garbage, mud, and waste with very little to eat and drink. They don’t have homes to protect them from harsh conditions in these camps. These people have no access to basic health, education, water, and any sanitation, it’s unacceptable and it only gets worse.

In these camps, soldiers are marching around hurting people just for being them. Some people are beaten to death. Some are cut up and bleeding out. Children and women are sexually assaulted. These horrendous soldiers aren’t being controlled and are just roaming around attacking people and letting them die.

The UCIRF calls this an ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya, but Myanmar's government denies all this information. This is the most silent genocide ever. Very little people have heard of this tragedy that is going on. All over Myanmar and it’s displacement camps, are mass graves. Soldiers are killing off thousands of people in small villages. Over two dozen people who have survived their village attacks reported five mass graves and many have reported seeing hands sticking out of the ground.

Soldiers are showing up in the camps with knives, grenades, rifles, and rocket launchers to kill anyone in their way. They bring upon them shovels to bury people and acid them unrecognizable. It’s an inhumane act of genocide and the United States Government needs work with the United Nations to stop this cruel and evil act of genocide against Rohingya Muslims.