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Women and Men for Women Against Trump. Impeach Hate, Sexual Abuse, and Inequality

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Speaking on behalf of all women that marched against Donald Trump's hate, inequality, sexual abuse and basically everything the man stands for, I ask that the women of the already great United States of America be heard. Not only as individuals but as a whole. How much of the population have suffered some kind of sexual abuse, hate crime, or inequality just to have the President say, it's no big deal that's what women are for. How many women have been ultimately betrayed by those who voted this man into office? How many of your family members came to this country looking for a better future for their children or themselves or for any of you? Imagine them being turned away or kicked out just because they were seeking better. Is this no longer the land of the free? Is this no longer the land of opportunity? Is this country no longer better than the rest? How many women will be attacked because this man gave his approval for it to be so? Can we as women trust our U.S. House of Representatives to stand for the 308 million plus population that the women make up of this country? We are The Resistance to everything he stands for. We can not be forced to do anything he says or to just sit back and be abused or walked over. I implore you to make the right decision to impeach Donald Trump and back the people you are supposed to represent. THIS IS OUR COUNTRY NOT HIS. "Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just, And this be our motto: "In God is our trust"" We will do just that and continue to stand for our cause and for each other even when our government does not. UNITED WE STAND

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