We The People Do Not Want Donald Trump Impeached!

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We The People have had enough of the supposed "U.S. House of Representatives" Representing the people. You are no longer representing the people but your own selfish political endeavors by continuing to attack our duly elected commander and chief. The constant witch hunts include but are not limited to: Russia Collusion(Fake News), Supposed Ukraine Quid Pro Quo(Fake News), and Constant attacks daily on anything and everything the President does that you Democrats do not approve of. This is enough we have had it you refuse to work with our duly elected president to do anything and it has been 3 years of this garbage and we demand better period. You will give us better or you will be removed and replaced believe that. Enough is enough. If you sign here today it is you showing your support for not only our President Donald Trump but for Freedom and our Constitutional Republic.