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We need tougher penalties for animal abusers and JUSTICE for abused animals WILD OR DOMESTIC, such as PUPPY DOE.

Animals are people too. They do not have a voice. People who abuse animals should be punished harshers than they are now. They get off light now with community service or very minimal prison time. We need to change the laws so that tougher penalties exist for animal abusers. The minimum penalty for cruelty of any animal Wild or Domestic should be 5-10 years. Medium crimes against animals should be 10-50 years, and the worst cases, life without parole. We need to send a STRONG message that animal abuse will not be taken lightly anymore across the nation. No more FINES and commumity service or short prison sentences for animal abusers. They will serve REAL TIME and REAL AMERICAN JUSTICE. 

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