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We need a Clean Dream Act.

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Help us to make America great again in the best way we can, help us to change the future of our kids, help us to pass this Clean Dream Act. Immigrants came to this country to build a better future for their families, we came to work, to get a better education and to get a better opportunities for our future. As an immigrant, it's very hard to find a job, to rent an apartment or get your driver license even go to college result almost an impossible thing for us, we have to pay an out of state and the double price of the tuition even if we are going to college in the same state we got living for years.

In September of 2012 president Obama started DACA, this was a permit to work, get a driver license and get higher education legally; more than 800,000 immigrant students get the benefit by this law, but in September fifth president of 2017  Trump decide to cancel this program. more than 20,000 people across the country get deported in February of 2017 ,622,000 dreamers (immigrant students) get affected by this cancellation  and a lot of families will get separate by the cancellation of DACA. 

We are working hard and preparing ourselves to have a better future for our families and this nation; we can't do it if we can't get an education to do it. that is why we are fighting and will keep fighting for this Clean Dream Act. to get an opportunity to give something back to our community. We  are just students wanting an opportunity to have a better future and help our families to get a better opportunities for us and for this country, our parents teach us to be strong and persevere even is the fight is hard we gonna keep fighting because we are here to stay.




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