We demand a Congressional investigative hearing regarding the mishandling of Lyme Disease.

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Lyme disease is an epidemic that continues to worsen with an estimated 300,000+ cases each year and an estimated 2 million with continued symptoms after treatment. For decades the CDC, NIH, HHS, IDSA have known about this crisis but have still continued to push testing that they knew would cause misdiagnosis, ignore the science that shows a persistent infection, created guidelines that keep the sickest of Lyme patients from getting treatment, and allowed individuals with conflicts of interest to make decisions regarding the testing and treatment of Lyme Disease. Individuals within some of these departments have been subject to lawsuits both current and previous showcasing conflict of interest and breaking of antitrust laws. The Tick-Borne Disease working group that Congress will be getting recommendations from have individuals with these conflicts of interest on their board despite petitions for their removal.

Lyme was recognized as an issue in the 1980s around the same time as HIV. The difference between the advancement of these two illnesses is astounding. There is absolutely no reason why Lyme testing and treatment should not have improved in 40 years. We need a Congressional investigation to start asking why and begin holding those entities accountable. It is evident nothing is going to change until this happens.