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Ban the privatization of previously historical and protected land and resources (save Oak Flat, Arizona)

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There are ancient Indian writings and pictures etched into the rocky stone face of a beautiful and rare natural resource in the arid and dry Arizona Desert.  These rocks surround fresh water which feeds rare plants and animals and acts as an oasis.  in 1955 Dwight Eisenhower declared it a protected land.  In 2015 John McCain wrote a piece of legislation and tagged it onto the budget for the US defense bill (so no one would see it to be able to discuss it or look at it) and snuck it past Congress - privatizing it so that it could be sold and opened up to two major corporations, Resolution Copper Mining LLC,  the U.K.’s Rio Tinto, and Australia’s BHP-Billiton, all want to undermine it for copper - buy it and make a contaminated sink hole out of it.  Either this must get overturned by further legislation, or legislation must be passed that would prevent Senators from proposals that privatize previously protected federal national resources.  Similar to how the National Historical Society can protect buildings and historical homes.  They are also doing this in Pennsylvania and selling to the oil companies - previous protections preserve our drinking water, our earth, the ecological balance between the sustainable natural resources and the life it supports.  Haven't we done enough damage?  Please sign this petition, while I continue to research the jurisdiction and Senate populous for legitimate moves we can take to reverse this path of destruction. 

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