Prohibit people diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder from these professions.

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Section I

This petition is being created to urge lawmakers to ban individuals diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder from: Any Public Office(elected or appointed), teaching professions involving minors, and adopting children. The law would create mandatory personality tests and disorder specific psychological evaluations prior to position commencement. The law would provide funding for research into the development of reliable evaluation/testing for NPD and other 'dark triad' disorders. Furthermore, it would mandate federal guidelines for hiring protocols for these positions regarding NPD, including criminal guidelines for violations of said protocols. 

Section II

The evaluation/testing established in Section I and current established evaluations for abuse victims and developmental disorders would be provided to States for implementation in pre kindergarten evaluations of all incoming students and comparatively aged home school students. The bill would provide for federal funding for implementation, enforcement, treatment and education of testing protocols.