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Make 2nd Week in September National Tow Truck Operator Appreciation Week

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Every six days, a tow operator is killed in the line of duty. Everyday, a tow operator leaves his or her family to help a complete stranger in need. Tow operators go out into the best and worst of weather, no matter what. People do not realize the dangers of being a tow operator. They see 'reality television shows' that portray tow operators as overweight and having a sailor's mouth. Many of the real, true tow operators will help people because it is their passion and getting paid is a benefit.

People need to understand what it takes being a tow operator. Several organizations bring awareness to the general public and offer free services to find a tow company, but 100% of them would like people to know exactly what it takes to be a tow operator.

In 2011-2012, I was a tow operator for a small company in central Washington State. I was clipped by passing car which was too close the fog line, when Washington State has a slow down/move over law. I know what dangers it takes to be a tow operator.

I feel that having a National Tow Truck Operator Appreciation Week, this will give the general public a chance to learn more about the towing industry from real tow operators and towing companies instead of people following a script for ratings.

I would like the United States Congress to draw up and introduce a bill to the President of the United States to recognize the second week of September as National Tow Truck Operator Appreciation Week. I fear that if people do not appreciate the towing industry as a whole, then the deaths will continue. Having a week dedicated to the towing industry could help save lives.


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