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TRUMP release America Current Full Taxes /Impeachment

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We "The People, of the United States of America", ARE TAKING AMERICA BACK - back FROM CRAZY TOWN AND any RUSSIAN influences.  

"We The People, of the United States of America" not media or press are hereby asking for the release of any and ALL Tax information AND Documents of Past 5 Full Years (personal and family ) related to  Donald J Trump and All Companies to which he owned, owns or is connected to by name or financially,  Past 5 Full years of Taxes. Released to American Public, Congress, Senate and ALL Media outlets.

On Wednesday, January 11,2017, President elect Donald J Trump held a News Conference on live television.  On that day, at that conference, One member of the Media asked (again) for Mr. Trump to release his taxes. President elect then said, "The only ones out there who care about my taxes are you guys (as he pointed out to the members of the media). "  Sir, Mr. President Elect-That is simply NOT TRUE.  We DO CARE,  As Every Other Presidential Candidate has done in the past, WE THE PEOPLE are demanding the "promised" release of past 5 full years of Taxes.

Mr.Trump you promised during your campaign, you would release your taxes, then said "if" you were nominated you would release your taxes. Well you were nominated. "And we got nothing"   Then you said, if you won the election.  Well with help from Russia, Fake News, Hacking, Bullying and lying. You did win the highest seat in the nation. We still got nothing. We the people, have NOT seen those "promised" tax returns. WE THE PEOPLE, are TAKING AMERICA BACK. We The Peaople, are Done with the lies, Spin Doctoring,turning tables, gaslighting, deflecting, pointing fingers, bullying, and mostly done with Russia seeming to be holding the cards.

We are asking All of Congress to press You, Donald J Trump, to release the requested above.

We are asking All of the Senate to press You, Donald j Trump, to release the requested above.                             Should you Donald J Trump, deny to, or your family taxes and Any and all companies tied to you in any way, shape, form or financially deny to.  "We the People" ask All the powers that be and possess powers towards Your immediate Impeachment, for treason and collusion with Russia (you did have that server), for allowing and knowing Russia was hacking U.S.citizens, A U.S.National Party (democrats & NOT doing your American duty by reporting.  For knowing and allowing Russia to Hack into America  Democratic party, to sway American's vote. Should you get impeached, The American People should be allowed to call for immediate resignations to any remaining congressional members or any agency persons (FBI, CIA, etc) who knew about ties to Russia before our 2016 election & did NOT report  to our sitting president and intelligence agencies before our 2016 election, it  to have known of any of  above.  And the will rename EVERY AND ALL cabinet members.   The rest of you, who knew, American voters will take it up with you all at the polls.                                      This is about We the People, taking America back, taking Our Power back,  Not being bullied, NOT allowing ANY Foreign power interfering in ANYTHING AMERICA does including our Presidential elections. And sending a clear message we will certainly not being played, bullied by a wealthy narcissistic bigoted, xenophobic, lying, womanizing.  A U.S.President & the Cabinet works "for the People", not profit, or conflicts of interests.  A U.S.President, Congress & the Senate, works for America and American's NOT Profit, NOT FAME, NOT ANOTHER Country. NOT with Conflicts of interests.    







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