Supreme Court: Transforming our System within Nationwide Police Officers

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On May 25th, 2020 4 police officers caused the death of George Floyd. May 11, 2020 Breanna Taylor shot to death, working in the frontlines, shot by a Police officer. February 23, 2020 Ahmad B. shot by a police officer with racial profiling. December 14, 2014 a NY civilian chokehold by a field police officer. I can list all victims however it would take a complete day.

What’s my point? This has to transform. Not all police officers are cruel. However, there are a huge majority who are not physically and mentally stable to handle a weapon or the professionalism of “supporting human rights”.

Instead of a community having to trust the local law enforcement, it is going in a direction where it is becoming against us, the local community. 

High power given to police officers needs to be stepped down. It has become an abuse of power. What does this mean?

“The term ‘abuse of power’ encompasses all the ways police officers can abuse their positions by taking advantage of the very people they have pledged to serve and protect. While most police officers take that pledge seriously, there are some who abuse the power given them to fulfill selfish personal desires. Abuse of power by a law enforcement officer could include:

The use of excessive force;
Placing a citizen under false arrest;
Warrantless searches or arrests;
Assault upon a citizen;
Forcing a citizen to have sex in return for not arresting them or giving them a ticket;
Violations of the civil rights of a citizen;
Engaging in fraud or theft, and
An unlawful murder.“

This passage may be seen on the link provided by the Stroud Lawyers website. (

The position of an officer is to aid, protect and serve the community. Let me not forget integrity. 

I encountered an officer in which I recorded his conversation, where “everyone is evil” and “ it doesn’t matter what happens to [people]”. In his own words where his comments blabbered while pulling me over. Keep in mind, he couldn’t find a defect in my involvement until he invented a story and manipulated the situation. Incredible! How many occurrences has this happened to any civilian?

An institution or a law must be in place where “abuse of power” given from law enforcement is put into effect. A law reform given to our nationwide law enforcement. A balance of both parties. I want to place a court case to the Supreme Court. Any law firms, agencies that follow will be great, state legislatures and community involvement is great. There are so many witnesses, a huge testimony, accumulated claims. It is time TO TRANSFORM the system that damages not only our local communities.

If previous changes to our agencies and programs have made an impact to our nation. Why not our vision in moving forward of a nation being protected by our own officers? 

Thank you and God bless America.