To Pass A Bill Registering Animal Offenders

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My name is April Calderon, I'm an animal rights activist studying to be a Veterinarian. Animal rights and freedom has always been my passion since I was a child. Throughout my recent years of volunteering for different animal rescue organizations, I came across a lot of neglected animals of different species AND IT HAS TO STOP. With so much knowledge and technology that we currently have, there's NO EXCUSE not to create a system for animal abuse offenders as we do for human offenders. To stop ALL Animal cruelty, neglect and extinction by creating an official register system for such offenders to prevent them from obtaining more animals to abuse. I believe with this system, we can make a change by decreasing the existing amount of animal cruelty not only nationwide, but world wide. Please help us to be the voice for all the animals that cannot speak for themselves. Thank you for your support!