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Tell us WHY you turned your back on millions of medical marijuana patients

I wrote this letter to President Obama because he lied to me and other medical marijuana patients when he said he wouldn't threaten our access to this safe and effective medicine.

I'm not going to stop until he answers to the pleas of thousands of suffering Americans.

Dear Mr. President-

My name is Victoria LaChapelle and I am writing to you today with a very heavy heart. I believed in you. I believed in you so much that, despite working 12 hour nursing shifts 6-7 days/week, I woke up at 4am on my only day off to travel 7 hours by car to canvas for you in northern Wisconsin. I worked hard for you in Milwaukee where historic numbers of people showed up to vote for you. I spent every free moment working to get you re-elected and now I can only ask myself “Why?”

Why did I believe you in 2008 when you promised not to attack medical marijuana patients?

Why did you break that promise less than 2 years later when you unleashed the DEA and Justice Department on California medical marijuana dispensaries? Why do you continue to threaten patients, caregivers and medical practitioners?

Why are you hurting not only me but my children and MILLIONS of other sick people whose families need them alive and well? People who deserve the right to LIFE through the healing properties of cannabis. People whose LIBERTY is threatened when having to choose between quality of life or prison. People whose HAPPINESS is being stolen when they are denied safe, effective and harmless medicine.

How are you hurting my children and I? Your broken promises and refusal to acknowledge that people have a right to use medical cannabis are hurting me and affecting the lives of my children. I was once an active, ambitious person and mother just 10 years ago. Now my children watch me struggle everyday just to get out of bed because of the excruciating pain I am in. I am in chronic pain 24/7 from having untreated Lyme disease that left me with arthritis, an unknown auto-immune disorder and fibromyalgia. The only hope most doctors can give me is in the form of narcotic medication: the kind that leads to addiction and often death and in that there is no hope. Out of desperation and hope for a better life for my children and I, I turned to medical cannabis to treat the unrelenting pain. And it worked. For the first time in 10 years I had my LIFE back. HAPPINESS returned to my face and the faces of my children upon seeing that I was no longer in pain. I could pick up my 2 year old child without having to immediately put him down again because of painful muscle spasms. Do you understand what it is like to be unable to hold your own child? It's one of the most heart-wrenching and helpless feelings a parent could ever have. That feeling has been replaced with a new and very scary emotion and that is fear. I have to fear the loss of my LIBERTY simply because I choose not to suffer anymore.

I know that you are an educated and informed man. You must be aware of the hundreds of studies done that have proven cannabis to be safe and effective medicine. You must also be aware of the scores of medical and health organizations that have come forward to endorse the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. These organizations should be the authority on whether or not its used as medicine. Not you. Not the DEA.

You admit to being a heavy cannabis user in college. Why was it ok for you to use for “fun” but its not ok for anyone else to use to save their LIVES? Why do you accept the fact that millions of young black men are having their futures ruined for something you yourself participated in? Where would you be now had you been caught “chooming” ? You wouldn't be where you are today and you cannot deny that many other young people are being robbed of the same opportunities you had simply because they got caught.

My life story is like so many others' so why would I think you'd care to hear it? Why would I write this letter to you knowing and accepting that you will likely never see it? Because I still BELIEVE and HOPE that you are a good man who cares about those who call you their leader. Because I was once proud to call you my President and I'd be proud still if it weren't for you turning your back on me and the millions of chronic pain sufferers like me. The pride I once felt has turned to disappointment, a sense of betrayal and fear. The man whose vision for this country I believed in doesn't exist. The man who I believed would promote and protect his countrymen's LIFE, LIBERTY and pursuit of HAPPINESS doesn't exist

I'd just like to know WHY?


Victoria LaChapelle

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