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U.S. House of Representatives: Stop defending DOMA!: Allow survior benefits for same sex marriages in honor of Charlie Morgan

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If you believe in your Freedom and you are grateful for those soldiers that put themselves in harm's way to keep our country safe, then you are an American. The government is not allowing a soldier's family to have survivor benefits, because of same sex marriage. Even though in the law in New Hampshire it is legal. Charlie Morgan served her entire life as a soldier at a young age. She kept our country safe and did so with honor of a true soldier for over 20 years. But, her beloved wife and daughter of 4 years old recently lost their mother and wife due to cancer. The military our government whom she dedicated her life to, will NOT give survivors benefits to her spouse and child. Good enough to serve not good enough for benefits. Is, the message being sent by our government. As, an ex military daughter and wife. The thing is, the wife of Charlie and daughter served too. While Charlie was off on the battle field, her spouse was holding down fort at the home. There is right and there is wrong. Imagine your spouse serving 20 years of the military, putting them in harm's way. Fighting for the meaning of Freedom. And then your loved one is gone and all you knew was gone. But, your family is not taken care of with the survivor benefit, which is supposed to be an entitlement. Do what's right and speak up for Charlie Morgan and her family. Wouldn't you want someone to speak up for your rights, Charlie did by serving our country just like all loyal soldiers.

Charlie's words: " She deserves the same benefits as any other spouse," Morgan said in 2011 at the first national convention of gay military personnel on active duty. "She went through the same stress, fear and concern during my deployment as any other spouse." Here are CW2 Morgan's words to Speaker Boehner: "I would like the Speaker to know, as a member of the Active Guard, that I laid my life on the line for my country. Now I need my country to protect and take care of my family. My wife and daughter face an uncertain future, unable to receive the same family support and services as our counterparts who render the same service, take the same risks, and make the same sacrifices. Time is of the essence." (Charlie's Story) (Charlie's fight)

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