Sign-On for Supporting Foster Youth & Families Through The Pandemic Act

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Young people in and aging out of foster care have been hit hard by COVID-19, as demonstrated through their own voices. Without family to turn to, young people need access to support and services so they can make it through this crisis. 

The #UpChafee campaign called on Congress to provide emergency assistance to young people through increased Chafee funds and flexibility. 

The call was answered when the Supporting Foster Youth & Families Through the Pandemic Act was introduced by Rep. Danny Davis (D- IL) and Rep. Jackie Walorski (R - IN) on Aug 7, 2020. The proposal includes almost every #UpChafee ask, and so much more to help families through this crisis!

If enacted, the Act would:

  • Provide $400 million for Chafee to help youth with education, employment, financial management, housing, emotional support and assured connections to caring adults
  • Expand Chafee eligibility through age 26
  • Reserve an extra $50 million for Chafee Education & Training Vouchers, and raise the amount per youth from $5,000 to $12,000 each year
  • Remove the 30% cap on room and board and other education/work requirements for ETV and extended care
  • Moratorium on aging out (and allows for re-entry into care)

And other important provisions to support families through the COVID pandemic, including increased funding and support for:

  • Prevention programs
  • MaryLee Allen Promoting Safe and Stable Families Program
  • Court Improvement Program
  • Home Visiting Program
  • Kinship Navigator Program

Details of the bill can be found here.

We urge members of Congress to work together and act swiftly so that foster youth and families can get the COVID-19 Emergency Aid they so desperately need!