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The bill that was introduced violates our constitutional right to assemble and further cause a increase of felony charges amoungst citizens who then will no longer be eligible to vote!


This major announcement that surfaced has reached an all-time low. Donald Trump and the Republicans need to be stopped, and we must do what we can to stop them. Republicans and state legislatures proposed to introduce a truly reprehensible bill that contravenes our First Amendment right to protest this administration.

This bill in Iowa was inspired by a protest against Donald Trump shortly after the November election. More than 100 demonstrators blocked traffic on Interstate 80, just outside Iowa City, Iowa, stopping traffic on the busy trucking route for almost a half-hour. This bill was introduced by state Senator Jake Chapman which would essentially allow drivers the right to run over a protestor with their vehicle while protesting on a highway with speeds posted above 55 mph implying that peaceful protestors could get a felony and spend five years in prison, plus incur a fine of up to $7500.

These are unequivocal attacks on our constitutional right as citizens to peacefully assemble, and they accentuate how essential it is for us to win elections at every level. Invoking bodily harm on an individual is considered Assault & Aggravated Assault meaning a threat to do physical harm to someone.  The crime of assault is a misdemeanor, but it can be upgraded to a felony charge depending upon how the threat is made.  Using your vehicle to inflict bodily harm increase the chances of seriously hurting or even killing someone. Aggravated Battery Causing Great Bodily Harm is a felony aggravated battery is to alleged that the battery caused "great bodily harm".

Purposely hitting someone with your vehicle is a felony! 

A committee of the Minnesota House recently moved forward with a bill that would fine protesters whenever the police attend their rallies and events. These are direct aggressions against on our constitutional right as citizens to peacefully assemble. WE MUST STOP THIS FLAGRANT BILL FROM BEING VALIDATED. Sign the petition today so we may dead this nasty bill.


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