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Plenty don't know that Franklin D. Roosevelt is our last "great" president

Bill Orton
Long Beach, CA, United States

Jun 10, 2017 — (JUNE 10, 2017) -- Vast swaths of the American people don't know who Franklin Roosevelt is, or how he saved us from economic collapse and a global war against murderous thugs.

Sure, plenty of people know a whole bunch about Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and that his nickname of FDR are the letters of his name.

Plenty know that he created Social Security, and led us through the Great Depression and to victory in World War II.

For most people, that's about as much as they know, and FDR would be fine if that's as much as most people know.

Some even know that he was a rich man from New York, who had to choose whether he cared more about the rich, or ordinary Americans.

Unfortunately, the absence of a basic understanding of history seems now to be a tool being used by another rich man from New York.

The difference between these two New York rich men who became president comes down to that one question: "Who do you care about?"

Mr. Roosevelt was hated by the rich, because when he took office, he made it clear that it was the ordinary American who mattered most.

The rich man from New York had been Governor of America's biggest state when our economy collapsed, people lost jobs, starvation and suicides spread, and millions lives in shacks.

Governor Roosevelt looked around, and saw nothing happening from our federal government. The Governor of New York then set his own state into action, to feed people, offer something new called "welfare," and hired people willing to work long hours just to have a job.

The rich didn't like Governor Roosevelt. In 1932, it had been three long brutal years of economic collapse, so deep that it gained the name of, "The Great Depression."

Mr. Roosevelt ran for president against an incumbent Republican named Herbert Hoover.

Mr. Hoover himself was seen as a bright and caring man, from his earlier days, when the US sent him to Russia, where a war and revolution put huge numbers of those people into absolute starvation. As the food commissioner, Hoover fed the starving Russian people, so that a hugely important strategic place did not collapse into absolute chaos.

It stunned Mr. Roosevelt when President Hoover did nothing to help the American people after the economy collapsed. Didn't feed anyone. Didn't help create anything on jobs or the economy. Hoover sat at his desk and said nothing.

Meanwhile, the rich saw Franklin Roosevelt as their biggest threat. They called him the worst names and lies imaginable. The spun fear and hatred. They bent the truth.

The people could tell who care more about ordinary Americans... Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He beat Mr. Hoover in a massive victory, and made it clear from his first words as President, that "the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself."

No longer would ordinary people be ignored.

FDR went on to try lots of things. Some worked. Some were failures. But he always kept trying.

In 1935, a couple years after taking office, he told the Congress, let's give our people predictability about their own economic future. Let's create something that we'll call, "Social Security."

Even though FDR's votes in Congress pushed legislation forward, the bill he signed initially only created a framework of Social Security. In his re-election campaign, FDR told voters that if they returned him to office, he would push through a tax system that guaranteed no politician would EVER dismantle Social Security.

In the 1936 election, Franklin Delano Roosevelt won every state in America, except Maine and Vermont. FDR then got Congress to write the law that we have today, where each worker pays a tax to their own Social Security fund. When they hit a certain age, or face some like-changing conditions, then that tax fund helps them to find predictability through their remaining life days.

It's not the only thing he did. It may not even be the biggest thing he did, since without him, this world might have seen a very different globe when we fought against brutal thugs who came close to winning their victory of hatred.

But Social Security has for decades been what ordinary Americans rely on at like's hardest moments.

Now we look at today. Another rich man from New York is sitting in the Oval Office.

These days, the President and his lackeys in Congress seem ready to end Social Security as we know it. Tweaking the rules is the first step to radical change, but it is a tumble down the mountain of security that Americans may get shoved down.

Is it the rich, or ordinary Americans that our government now cares more about?

Does the rich man from New York face hatred from the rich themselves? They despised FDR, accusing him of abandoning the super-rich. Well, he did. And he never gave in.

The new rich man is talking about taking food from the hungry and padding the pocketbooks of the rich.

So, let us ask, "Does history matter?" Or is a new president twisting history itself, so that the lack of people knowing much about FDR is a tool for him to bash away at the mountain of security that FDR build for ordinary Americans?

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