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45 is the Dewey-Dixeycrat Duo

Bill Orton
Long Beach, CA, United States

Apr 28, 2017 — No one thought Harry Truman could win.

A rich New York Republican was so certain of victory, that nothing he said needed to make sense. He blabbered and smiled.

Meanwhile, Republican members of the Congress laid forward a radical agenda that did NOTHING for ordinary Americans. Farmers got screwed. Workers saw unions pushed down. Only the rich had open doors.

And Harry was in the middle, because there also was a fringe on the left and right.

FDR's Vice President before Harry was a young progressive, who started as Mr. Roosevelt's brilliant agriculture secretary. Massive crowds turned out to hear the New Dealer's far left voice.

The right was driven by hate, under a Democrat who peeled from the party, when Harry Truman said the civil rights mattered. Open racism divided the right, as a "Dixeycrat" swiped votes from the right.

Harry Truman was a humble, honest, kind guy. People liked him.

Let's look at 2020...

-- 45 is a mixture of the Dixeycrat's hate and the blabbering of the rich New York man.

-- Progressives want an brave voice.

What's missing is Harry Truman.

Perhaps what really is missing is that Harry didn't run again. The Republicans hated Franklin Roosevelt, who they could not slap down during his presidency. So when FDR died, they passed an amendment to not let presidents take a third term.

Maybe it's time to end the Two-Term Limit.

The far right likes having a man who hates in office.

The far left loves loving their potential nominee.

There is NO viability for a centrist... and if 42 43 44 look like CENTRISTS, then we have fallen down a mountain.

If the duke fest of 2020 is like the 1948 battle between blabber, hate and brilliance vs. a modest centrist, then voters might want -- and even deserve -- the chance to choose themselves.


If 42 and 44 toss a choice on who vies with the Senator of Vermont, and 43 shows gonads to take on 45, then the real winner... is the American people.

Please join the small group of people, to ask that we end the Two-Term Limit.

Thanks for your consideration.

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