Reduce Truck Drivers Loading/Unloading Time

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On April 1st, 2018, the FMCSA fully implemented the ELD law which mandates that all motor carriers, with Interstate Commerce authority, use electronic logging devices in their truck to fully adhere to the Hour of Service Rules set forth by Congress.  The rules, which are designed to address safety concerns are intended to make the road safer and have all carriers be on the same playing level.  While this may be the intention of the law, it leaves out a fundamental part of the equation that would make this rule work effectively.  Shipper and Receiver Detention Time.  

I have spoken to countless drivers who say they are doing their best to be in compliance with the new rule while being efficient and profitable at their jobs.  They hit a big hurdle when it comes to loading and unloading their truck.  

Shippers and Receivers generally are not aware of the major stress placed on the drivers because of this law and most shippers and receivers (especially larger ones) require that the driver gives 2 "FREE" hours of loading/unloading time before any compensation is offered.  If you break the pay down for 3 hours at $25 per hour, the driver would have made $8.33 per hour after being there for three hours.  I know my time is worth more and I believe you would feel the same about your time.

Congress, we are asking that you please implement changes that keep the shipper/receiver accountable for how long they keep the truck at the dock.  Since the clock is still running while they are waiting, it will affect how they do their jobs if their morale is affected.

Here's our simple solution:  Make it mandatory that the driver gets paid enough per hour to make a living and enough to give the shipper/receiver incentive to load/unload the truck in a reasonable time.

This is more than just about money.  This is about making the lives of truck drivers easier so they can have some time to be with their families, it's about the economy of local communities thriving because all parties in the world of logistics are held to the same standard.

I do not know where this petition will go, but I know from personal experience that from humble beginnings, great things can happen if we all work together.

Thank You,

Philip Nenadov

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