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Rapists should not have parental rights

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Men who father a child during the unthinkable act of rape have parental rights in 29 States.  This means a rapist can force his victim to have ongoing contact with him, and in fact to turn over her child to him for unsupervised visits.  

While some states have acted to protect rape victims and their children from this unconscionable atrocity, most have not.  Congress has acted to support these States in changing their laws, but it is not enough to sit back and hope that these States eventually do the right thing.  We need a federal law that prevents rapists from obtaining parental rights to children they have fathered while committing this horrible crime. 

Whether they plead guilty to rape in the first degree, plead down to a lesser charge or can otherwise be reasonably shown to have fathered the child during the rape, they must not be given ongoing access to their victim and her child. 

It should not matter if they have served their sentences, or if as is the case many times over, they receive a slap on the hand, probation, or a suspended sentence, rapists should never have parental rights.

Please sign my petition and contact your Congress Member and Senators.  Encourage them to introduce legislation that will prevent rapists from obtaining parental rights in any State. 

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