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Raise the NASA Federal Budget

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The Problem: It is not as much as a problem as it is untapped potential. The people that work for NASA are some of the most intelligent and brightest minds the United States has to offer and all of them working together can create the unimaginable. Furthermore, NASA acts as a pioneer of space. If NASA proves that investment in space can be profitable (through asteroids, for example), the private sector will begin investing in it, which will spur economic growth. Ever since Americans landed on the moon, we have been content with our position in space and that has been reflected in the NASA budget. Overall, NASA has the potential to do so much more, and I believe by raising NASA's federal budget a substantial amount will tremendously benefit the United States as a whole.

The Facts:

  • NASA (National Aeronautic Space Administration) has a budget currently of $19.5 billion. However, this is only .4% of the $4.407 trillion federal budget.
  • Every year, the department of defense spends more money than has been spent by NASA in its entire history. 
  • Since 1976, NASA has created 1,400 inventions that became products and/or services.
  • Each dollar of NASA spending spurs $10 of economic benefits.

The Solution: The simple solution is to increase the federal budget of NASA. However, it can't be a minuscule amount as it has to be a substantial amount in which NASA can tremendously benefit from the extra amount of funds. I personally believe if we double the budget to roughly $40 billion for 2-3 years, NASA will be able to prove to the private sector that space is profitable, thus the investment can come from the private sector rather than the government. However, I believe NASA should at least get 50% increase ($10 billion) in the budget to make a substantial difference. A minuscule investment will only lead to minuscule change, a substantial investment will lead to substantial change. 

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