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"The Matrix DNA Control Program;" We are involuntary participants.

Linda Bressendorff
Henrico, VA, United States

Aug 7, 2016 — HI TO ALL Targeted Individuals: For the last year, I have been searching, reading all i could get my hands on in an effort to find out more about our targeting. I am excited to say that i've finally found the answer i've been looking for. This PARASITE has invaded, disrupted, and destroyed some of the world's most innocent and gentle human beings; and all without any type of explanation. Turns out we are in a program called: (THE MATRIX DNA CONTROL PROGRAM). In your spare time, please visit my page to learn more about this program that uses lasers to attack what is called—"Phantom DNA."
Many of us aren't too much concerned about why this is happening, we simply want a solution that would put us of our misery. All i can say is that to find a remedy to a problem, you must first know about the problem itself; what exactly you're dealing with.

Here a few tips for each category of targeting one is experiencing....
For ELECTRONIC HARASSMENT attacks, try using-Hot & Cold Gel Packs. You can find them at local drugstores or online. Make a blanket out of them, one to lay on and one to cover your body with. You can also use them hot or cold to ease burn pains on the body. For burn pains on the body, also try applying Desitin baby ointment or any type of salve made for burns. Also, instead of sleeping on a regular bed with bed-springs, try sleeping on an Air Mattress or Waterbed.
For VOICE-TO-SKULL (V2K) attacks, try listening to music with a Loud Bass and also listening to Punk Rock Music: Does not have to be too loud; adjust volume to suit you. Also, Limit-the use of running water and Limit-use of central heating and cooling systems in your home. (Voices are projected through use of these).
For DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS attacks, try Grounding & Earthing methods. Read this book by Clinton Ober for instructions on how to do this, and for products available to purchase:
Also, try surrounding yourself with different kinds of Crystals and Stones. Smoky Quartz and Fluorite are good. Fire Agate is good to ward off suicidal thoughts. (If you find that using either of these crystals are making you feel worse, discontinue use and experiment with other types).
Try using Flower Essences to calm nerves--White Chestnut, Boronia, and Cherry Plum are good:
There are also Flower Essences that can be used for Insomnia. *Definitely limit television use. Just turn TV off. If you have to watch, keep volume at very low level. Remember to limit the running of water in your home and to limit the use of central air and heat in your home.
The following are basic tips that can be used for whatever type of targeting you're experiencing: Spend time outside soaking up the sun's rays. Sunlight is a natural cure for Depression and other ailments. (Not to do if you have electronic burns on skin). Try walking barefoot outside on the earth's soil. The earth's soil contains natural healing properties for whatever you're suffering from. When walking through house, stoop or crouch. Lasers are beamed at you according to your height when standing and sitting. It is a good idea to change your seating arrangements on a daily or weekly basis.
***I MUST WARN EVERYONE--that "The system," may eventually find a way around the above measures and come back with a harsher punishment. Everyone's situation is different. Tailor it to suit your needs. The idea is to buy yourself time until something concrete develops that will help us once and for all.

As a Targeted Individual, getting plenty of rest should be your number one priority. It can mean the difference between Life or Death. If you are having trouble sleeping, visit your doctor immediately and ask for a prescription sleeping aid. If you're still having trouble sleeping, ask the doctor to prescribe a higher dosage. Over the counter sleep aids that you will find at your local drugstore will NOT work. If over the counter sleep aids do give you a few hours of sleep, it still will not be the quality of sleep you need as a TI.
*When you visit your doctor, DO NOT mention anything at all about your targeting. Just be your normal self and explain that you're going through a period of Insomnia.
*DO NOT use sleeping aids for anything other than sleep.
*There are also Flower Essences you can purchase online to help with insomnia:

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