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Please keep families together, and reform immigration laws

Millions of students and young adults were brought here as children by their parents. It was not their chioce, and because of that they do not have opportunities here in America. These people could help our country if they are given a chance.
Many families are being torn apart because of mixed statuses.
There needs to be a way to keep families together, and give opportunities to people who were brought to America. We need to ensure a fair process that takes into consideration what these new Americans contribute to our country.
Many immigrants have been here so long, and America is home to them. These people deserve rights.

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
We the undersigned, citizens of the United States, ask for immigration policy reform.
This nation, is a beacon of hope for millions of people around the world who risk their lives and their life's savings for the opportunity of a better existence. No where on this planet is there a better place to live where people enjoy freedoms unimagined in most of the world.

This nation was founded and built by immigrants who came here legally in hope of a better future. Those immigrants, inspired by the freedom of this nation and unbridled by oppression helped make this upstart country become the leader of the free world in a fraction of the time that many nations have existed. In just over 200 years America has shown what people who are truly free can accomplish.
Many people are being torn apart from their families because of immigration laws. While we need strict immigration policies in place, the policies that we currently have are not working. We need to keep families together and work for the benefit of all people.
The immigration system needs to be reformed in order to help our economy, help our citizens, and help people coming to the U.S. to better their opportunities.

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