Please do not deport my husband with a brain aneurysm

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Please everybody I need your help. My name is Maria Maceda, and my husband Lorenzo Maceda suffered a brain aneurysm on June 6th, 2014. With many prayers and by the grace of God the doctors were able to save his life. However, since then he has been going to get checked every six months in order for the doctors to keep track of how he is doing. He lost part of his sight, and he gets confused all the time, therefore we have to repeat everything that we say to him because his brain does not hold the information. The doctors say it is likely for him to have another aneurysm in the future.

On January 10, this year , he had an appointment with the immigration office and was ordered to be deported. They have told him that he has to leave the country in six months.

Families that know what a brain aneurysm is will understand how scary it is for me and my family to let him go like that. He can’t support himself, I’ve been working all these years since his aneurysm occurred as the sole income provider in order to support my family.

Reasons for which he should be allowed to stay in this country: 1.) His brain aneurysm 2.) He has a clean record, has never been involved in any trouble with the law 3.) He worked for over 20 years as a chef at an American Restaurant all hours of the day in order to provide for his family 4.) He has tried so hard all these years to get legalized and has not been able to 5.) He has no one back in his country to take care of him the way his family does, and will not have any access to the doctors or the medical procedures that he needs in order to remain healthy.

And last but not least , he has 4 kids and a wife of 25 years who all love him very much, and just the sadness and stress of being alone and far away from us can cause him to have another brain aneurysm. Please help our family with this situation, and help us spread awareness and support people who have suffered brain aneurysms.

Thank you all!