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Petition to Remove Columbus Day

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As advocates for human rights, we feel that it is wrong to federally recognize Columbus Day as a holiday and support Columbus as an individual, with its false information passing on through generations of people.

Celebrating Columbus Day and honoring Christopher Columbus lead children to wrongly believe the lie that he was a great explorer who discovered the American continents. The truth is that he was lost and found by Native Taino people in Hispaniola, and he died thinking he discovered India. He used the Indigenous peoples’ good nature to enslave them and he brought disease that killed millions of people.

In respect of these grievances, we propose changing the nature of Columbus Day by replacing it with Exploration Day, as it is the spirit of exploration that should be worthy of recognition and celebration. Many states no longer celebrate Columbus Day while it is still listed as a federal holiday. While federal holidays affect all Americans that have different social backgrounds, exploration reflects a broad topic that can be widely applied and uniquely adapted within countless social contexts. Exploration Day would be a day to acknowledge the trials and adversities of the past in order to heal and move forward as a unified society that recognizes its origins.

We stand in solidarity with the call to transform Columbus Day into a day that commemorates the truth of our collective history. No form of slavery, genocide, or torture should be accepted or promoted by our government. The continued recognition of Columbus Day is a disgrace to our past, present, and future generations. It is time to dispel the illusions of the past and progress towards a more educated and compassionate future.

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