Petition House Bill HR 5717 (2020)

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For the sake of upholding the Constitution and the Second Amendment, please oppose H.R. 5717 (2020). If this bill is passed, it would make 393 million legal gun owners federal felons for wanting to protect their life and liberty to the best of their ability. The taxes imposed on firearms and ammunition in this bill (30% on all non-banned firearms and 50% on all ammunition) would price out the Middle and Lower class Americans from being able to afford to protect themselves and their families. This is simply Unconstitutional, and targeting those from the Upper Middle class, down to the Lower class.
We, the people, find it horrendous that the house of representatives are attempting to pass this egregious bill at this time of emergent uncertainty, while the eyes of this Republic are focused on the current pandemic sweeping the world. We wish for this bill to be struck down, and any House bill of such grand importance be announced to the public reasonably before voting so the Common American can educate themselves on the said bill, then notify representatives of their position.

To those that wish to sign this bill, please read the bill yourselves all the way through and make an informed decision. The URL is down below.

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