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Pass H.R. 64 in the House of Representatives

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I am submitting this petition as an outraged voter and tax payer who is in total support of the pending House of Representatives Bill 64. The passage of this bill would have an immediate effect on the current over-crowding and over-budgeted Federal Prison System. The U.S. Sentencing Commission each year submits ammendments to Congress that do nothing to save Tax Payer and Federal Prison Budget money and address the massive over-crowding problem.

The current Trump Administration has repeatedly stated they want to "drain the swamp". The annual taxpayer cost for the Federal Bureau of Prisons exceeds 7 Billion dollars a year. By enacting H.R. 64, non violent offenders could be released back to their communities where they can once again become productive citizens; helping their local communities and simultaneously relieving some of the taxpayer burden of continually paying taxes to house non-violent offenders who are not a threat to society. The State of California and Texas have led the way, and other states have followed in efforts to reduce their prison over-crowding and saved Billions of dollars that could be used in productive ways. They have done this by increasing the amount of "good time" prison credits awarded to non-violent offenders which H.R. Bill 64 also does.

The Bill should be enacted in it's proposed form with no changes. The Federal Bureau of Prisons needs this change in order to make room for violent offenders. As the current President said, "Prisons are meant for violent people". The Federal Bureau of Prisons burden on taxpayers has become outrageous and can be alleviated with the passage of H.R. Bill 64.

As a member of your voting constituency I urge you to do something to fix the Federal Bureau of Prisons system and specifically support the passage of H.R. Bill 64

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