@NancyPelosi: Remove @StenyHoyer from the House Leadership

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Maryland Democrat Steny Hoyer is the number two Democrat in the House leadership. What Illinois Senator Dick Durbin is to the Senate, Steny Hoyer is to the House.
But there’s something really weird about Steny Hoyer’s “leadership.” He doesn’t represent the people he is purportedly “leading.” He represents other interests.
Under the War Powers Resolution, a single Member of Congress can force a debate and vote to end U.S. participation in an unconstitutional war that was never authorized by Congress.
That’s what California Democrat Ro Khanna tried to do when together with Reps. Tom Massie, Mark Pocan, and Walter Jones, he introduced H Con Res 81 to force a debate and vote on ending unconstitutional U.S. participation in the catastrophic Saudi war in Yemen.
But, as the Intercept reported, Rep. Khanna’s resolution was blocked from getting a vote by Steny Hoyer, contrary to the intent of the War Powers Resolution. As a member of the leadership, it was Steny Hoyer’s job to help Rep. Khanna get his vote, not to block Rep. Khanna from getting his vote. As a Member of Congress, it was Steny Hoyer’s job to help defend the Constitution, not to thwart efforts by other Members of Congress to defend the Constitution.  
In contrast, when Senators Bernie Sanders, Mike Lee, and Chris Murphy introduced a similar Yemen war powers resolution in the Senate, Dick Durbin, the number two Democrat in the Senate, became an early co-sponsor. Thanks in part to Senator Durbin’s leadership, the Senate got to vote, unlike the House, where Steny Hoyer blocked the vote.  
Democracy for America and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee are calling for Steny Hoyer to be removed from the House leadership.
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