Move all major holidays to Fridays!

Move all major holidays to Fridays!

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Shawn Wilson started this petition to U.S. House of Representatives and

I propose that we move several major US holidays to Fridays, instead of being on a particular date.  Several holidays already operate in this way, such as Easter, Thanksgiving, Mother's Day, and Father's Day being scheduled on Sundays and many others scheduled on Mondays.

Moving major holidays to Fridays will ease event scheduling and travel for a majority of Americans.  Of course, not everyone has a Monday through Friday work week, but even those persons or companies on other schedules often have an easier time taking time off or closing on a Friday versus a Tuesday for example.  Holidays in the middle of the week are more disruptive to productivity than holidays at the beginning or end of the week.

Moving holidays is not unprecedented.  We have moved Thanksgiving more than once to accommodate the shopping season for Christmas over the years.  Thanksgiving is already based on a day of the week versus a particular date, however, Friday is a better fit for holidays so it should move one more time.  A great number of Americans take the day after Thanksgiving off work to shop and moving that shopping day to Saturday removes that productivity strain from the non-retail world.

My holiday proposals are as follows:

Valentine's Day - Second Friday in February
Independence Day - First Friday in July
Halloween - Last Friday in October
Thanksgiving - Third Friday in November
Christmas Day - Last Friday in December

Independence Day and Christmas Day not being on a particular date will initially be very strange, but after experiencing a couple years of these holidays being on Fridays, the previous specific dates will be easily forgotten.

A special note about Independence Day moving away from the 4th of July: (link below) and many other sources point out the fact that the Continental Congress actually declared its freedom on July 2nd by voting to approve a resolution of independence on July 2nd.  July 4th is the day that congress approved the document that explained this resolution to the public, the Declaration of Independence.  The public did not see this document until July 8th.  Most of the members of Congress did not sign the Declaration of Independence until August. And of course, America was not truly independent until Parliament voted to end all offensive operations in America in 1782, or until the Peace Treaty of 1783, in September, where Great Britain agreed to recognize the sovereignty of the United States.

Thomas Jefferson and John Adams did both die on July 4th of different years, so there is a sentimental attachment to the 4th for some in retrospect, but I can't imagine that these Founders would have any issue with the particular day we celebrate our Independence as long as we do celebrate it.

It is my sincere belief that any holiday that rises to the level of businesses closing or large groups of people gathering to celebrate, should be scheduled on a Friday or Monday.  If you agree with this idea, please help me spread this idea!

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