"Masks in Every Mailbox" Let's use the USPS to help fight the Covid-19 Pandemic

"Masks in Every Mailbox" Let's use the USPS to help fight the Covid-19 Pandemic

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It has been well established that the most effective methods to slow the spread of the Covid-19 Pandemic is that everyone wear a face mask when out in public in combination with 6 foot social distancing.

If everyone is expected to or ordered to wear a face mask in public, then isn't it in the national interest for government to take the responsibility to provide face masks to everyone who needs them without charge? We are therefore petitioning the United States Government to purchase face masks for every person that needs face masks and distribute them free of charge via the United States Postal Service.

Having the government purchase the face masks could provide an additional benefit in that it should also assure that the masks are from qualified manufacturers and meet certain minimum requirements for effectiveness against the coronavirus.

Seeing that the United States Postal Service already has an outstanding distribution system that serves every household in the entire country regardless of where they live, the USPS is ideally suited to be the distribution method for assuring that every person in the United States, possessions, and territories has a face mask to wear in the effort to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

  1. The federal government would put out contacts for face masks to be delivered to various US Postal Service distribution centers,
  2. Bulk shipments of face masks would be sent to every local post office or zip code.
  3. A printed notification of the "Masks In Every Mailbox" (MIEM) program would be put in every household’s mail box or PO box.
  4. The back of the notification card could have a request for face masks with the number of people living in the household.
  5. The filled out card is put in the mailbox and the local post office delivers the household's allotment of masks, once a week or so, until a vaccine is found and the pandemic has flamed out.
  6. The homeless, visitors, and households that need masks immediately can go to the local post office and get masks in person.

The program will certainly cost money. But if we can give trillions to banks and big multinational corporations, we can afford a life saving program that would cost only few dollars per person per week until the pandemic ends.

In addition, there is probably no more effective way to Save the US Postal Service than by having it play a critical role in a national program to fight the Covid-19 Pandemic.

This petition serves to urge our government to institute a national program to supply and distribute free facemasks to every resident of the United States, territories, and possessions via the United States Postal Service. It also urges industry and the media to support and promote the program.

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