Make Juneteenth A National Holiday

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America was built on the back of black slaves, yet in 2020 Blacks are still fighting for equality. More than 150 years since blacks were supposedly freed, this country still practices discrimination towards the entire race. The entire legal system favors black incarceration more than it does justice for all. Today, we demand that as of June 19th, 2020, there be a re emancipation of African Americans and that this day is Nationally Recognized.

We the People, are asking for all federal and local offices and buildings to be closed in observance of this day. It is time that ALL people recognize and celebrate the freedom of a race that has been enslaved for more than 400 years. 

The murder of George Floyd has once again activated the suppressed emotional distress of people all over. We are tired of seeing modern day lynchings of the Black race. It is time that America rights their wrongs and recognizes Blacks as Freed from this system. 

We are demanding that this Bill is passed Immediately. 

If you want a Country that is truly " The Land of The Free", you must FREE those individuals that have endured systematic oppression, advertent racism and inequality the most in this country. 

We stand firm and with confidence that you will do what is right during a time where we need Unity and Justice for All.