Make Juneteenth A National Holiday

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The United States is experiencing a sea change of public consciousness. The unequal system that has plagued our Nation since its inception is in full view. Despite hard fought progress over the centuries, the U.S. remains unjust for too many American citizens. That can no longer be ignored.

Juneteenth originated as a celebration of the last slaves in America learning of their emancipation. Over the many years that it has been celebrated, it has evolved from a simple "jubilee," to an opportunity to learn more about the struggle of the black community, to a celebration of the black community's many contributions to the United States.

Today, it is time for one final evolution. It should become an official federal holiday marked by celebration, education, and, now, activism. June 19th should be National Juneteenth Day- a day in which all American patriots engage in a positive and productive manner to build a truly equitable system for anyone who strives to exemplify our American Values. This day should be dedicated to healing old wounds and uniting our Nation as the one great society that it is and can be.

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