Make electoral college votes mandatory and automatic


Make electoral college votes mandatory and automatic

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Started by Robert Shuler

Did you vote for Trump?  Was your vote a joke, or were you serious?

Will you support a constitutional amendment to keep 19 year old electors from changing their vote, and to remove the 18th century winter travel delay?  If you were serious, will you add your name to my petition to counter the other side's petition to get electors to change their votes?  I was shocked to learn they had 5 million signatures.  Add your name now!

  • It is important to forward to your friends!  My friends were exhausted at about 30 signatures. 

I was further shocked by the Dec. 10th move by Obama and the CIA to add fodder to the flame of Russian-American Brezenoff's petition by again accusing Russia of "hacking the US election." There is a real risk here of the CIA overturning our election. They have the experience and skill to overthrow governments, and Obama has "turned them loose" on the US itself.

  • Did you know that the US cyber-attacked Russia on Nov. 9-10th? Details at
  • Did you know now there is a second petition demanding an audit of the entire election, not just a few states, using the Obama-CIA charges as basis, and it already has 324,000 signatures?
  • Where is the counter-movement to all these disgruntled crybaby voters?  Are YOU going to say nothing?  Sign now.  Forward to everyone you know.

The electoral college needs to be preserved to prevent the dictates of an immature narrow majority from making the country into a clone of childhood whim. They'll grow up eventually, and it is our duty to preserve the country, even for those that do not know they would miss it. Sign the petition today! Show the other side that your vote was not a joke!

The agreement for the former colonies, then independent states, to associate to form the United States under the constitution of 1789, addresses the need for the values and methods of the states not be consolidated or co-opted by a simple national majority.  This refers to the rights of the state populations, which would then become minorities of the whole, to maintain not only existing but future cultural and governance differences as they might wish.  Not to be forced to comply in a unified "Tower of Babel."

Recent outcry over a surprise election outcome in which a narrow national majority did not get its way has resulted in efforts to get electors to change their votes, and thus usurp the constitution of the United States and impose simple democratic will of 51% on 49% in absolutist fashion.  One of the instigators of such efforts, Daniel Brezenoff, is himself a danger to the constitution. 

Brezenoff has raised $124,000 in 18 days.  He did not get 5 million signatures by word of mouth.  First add your own name to the petition.  Then you can help me get our word out by either clicking "promote this campaign" at the right, or help me promote the YouTube video at

The constitutional provision allowing for travel time in early winter for the electoral college to convene is no longer necessary and introduces a degree of uncertainty that encourages opportunists to attempt to contravene the electoral process.  This petition recommends a constitutional amendment to do away with electors, but keep the existing historical elector vote counting system, and to allow one week for any election uncertainties to be resolved, and subject to the decision of state election officials to automatically cast the required number of electoral college votes at that time.

States have legitimate differences in founding principles, traditions and style of governance and cooperation.  Massachusetts is called a "CommonWealth" for a reason.  It has a tradition of regarding the welfare of all in common and reliance on government for personal needs.  Texas has a tradition of the open range and self-reliance.  There was no one near to help.  A handful of men died at the Alamo fighting Santa Anna on their own rather than run away to join Sam Houston's army - which they could have done!  If you don't like either of those extremes, move to Colorado, they've got everything.

When my son grows up I want him to have these choices.  Do you want to have choices?  Do you want a few people who actually "like" living piled on top of each other in cities, reproducing like rabbits, to be able to control your life?  No!  I have only one child exactly so that he can have more of everything I can give a child.  Including the future.  Freedom is exactly the preservation of that choice, the most important choice any of us will ever make.  I have nothing against rabbit people.  They tend to stay in the cities and make an interesting cultural environment to visit.  I don't want to live there and they are not entitled to make my state exactly like their state.  That is the function of the electoral college. 

The delay of the archaic travel delay allows modern mass-media powered movements too much time to grow and challenge a legitimate election.  The election process should use the same technology the rest of society uses, and this delay should be removed as a window of opportunity for undemocratic progressive so-called democracy to dictate how the rest of us live and plan for the future.

Thank you for your support.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Goodbye, and the best to you.  Sign today, and tell all your friends.  Heck, tell your enemies too, even people you don't know!

P.S. Brezenoff is Russian.  My wife is Russian.  There is no cultural bias in play.  We are even on that count.  Half my friends belong either to a minority or immigrant status.  A Vietnamese friend voted for Trump because his sister lost her Bank of America job to outsourcing.  An Hispanic-Latin friend (he doesn't like any of those labels) who has lived right here for generations as the border moved voted for Trump.  Don't be fooled.  No one was joking.


This petition made change with 273 supporters!

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