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Make "Bodak Yellow" the U.S. National Anthem

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Fuck a Star Spangled Banner.

This country was built on the black and blue blood of those bound to their masters. Our current anthem glorifies this history. 

By now, you've seen the tweets and heard the controversies. We're tired of this back and forth, so let's cut the crap. It's time we rally behind a song that exudes determination rather than destruction. 

I'm no fan of American exceptionalism, but I do stan for multiculturalism. One clear icon comes to mind: Cardi B. Born to a Trinidadian mother and Dominican father in the South Bronx, this trailblazing rapper encapsulates the essence of our society. She's come from humble beginnings, but has captivated hearts and minds across the country with one song in particular.

Cardi B is a manifestation of the American Dream. As such, let's slap her song of the summer loud and proud for many more seasons to come. Who's with me?

Powerhouse lyrics include: 
"Said little bitch, you can't fuck with me
If you wanted to" --> respect for the individual: the right to bodily autonomy, which manifests in our current society in debates over reproductive rights and draconian drug laws. don't tread on me, bitch!

"If I see you and I don't speak
That means I don't fuck with you" --> non interventionist foreign policy would further deescalate rising tensions and circumvent world war. imperalism was so last season, honey!

"And I pay my mama bills
I ain't got no time to chill" --> a commitment to lowering the debt ceiling signals responsibility with taxpayer dollars, which originate from coercive practices. boy better back tf off this bank account!

We need to let the people elected to represent us know: it's time to REALLY make American Great "Again." Congress: it's time to embrace "Bodak Yellow" once and for all. 

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