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To: The House of Representatives

It is my deep concern that the PRO Act in its present form will outlaw independent contracting nationally, much as AB5 has done statewide in California.

I imagine you're aware of the job devastation in California.

So many people are leaving California that one cannot rent a UHaul truck or trailer there for an out of state move.

The ABC test, especially the "B" prong, literally means real estate brokers can’t contract appraisers or agents, title companies can’t contract loan signing agents.

Lawyers can’t contract paralegals, nightclubs can't contract entertainment, translation and interpreting agencies can't contract translators or interpreters, a magazine can't contract with writers And so on, in as many as 300 occupations.

The ABC test put over a million California self-employed freelancers out of work.

To protect small businesses nationally, the ABC test must be removed from the PRO Act.

AB5 violates several things the US Constitution. It obstructs the right to form individual contracts, which is a violation of the Contracts Clause, for example.

If the PRO Act passes with the ABC test intact, it will immediately crush 59 million independent contractors like me, and our families.

I urge you to vote to amend the PRO Act without the ABC test so that millions of livelihoods won’t be destroyed.

Thank you for your consideration.