Marijuana is the Key to Changing America

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November 29, 2018, the revenue on the purchasing of marijuana rose to 5.5 million dollars, compared to last year when it was approximately 2.1 million dollars. This is from the ten states who already legalized recreational use of pot. Crime involving the use of marijuana has significantly dropped 13% as well. Legalizing marijuana in the United States will immensely change our nation by increasing our economy and lowering arrest rates, boosting America as a whole.  

In Colorado, pot has been legal since January 2014. The state has emplaced laws allowing users to only buy at most twenty-eight grams of marijuana per day. Additionally, buyers must be twenty-one years of age or older to purchase cannabis from the dispensaries. Revenue of marijuana use as of 2014 was at $683,523,739 to now, in 2018, $1,157,781,963. Pot sales have nearly doubled since 2014. This has lowered the state's sales tax to 2.9% due to the increase of the sale of marijuana; their tax revenue has excessively increased. 

Colorado's crime rates have fallen due to legalizing marijuana. According to the Denver Police Department, violent crimes such as homicide have fallen 6.9%. This is more than likely due to the fact that alcohol fueled crimes have fell since recreational use of marijuana is allowed. California actually saw the greatest decrease in crime at 15% reduction due to legalizing pot. With the legalization of pot, our police forces can focus on serious crimes not arrests for possession of weed. With legal pot, the Black Market in selling weed will also decrease. People can then purchase weed safely at dispensaries where they can insure their weed is not laced with other drugs, like it normally is in the Black Market. Legal marijuana will help keep people safer from crime. 

Legalizing recreational weed is the key to increasing our nations tax revenue, building up our economy, and decreasing crime and death rates. We, as a nation, can become stronger and more of a world power with our increasing economy. Additionally, we can make our country safer with less crime and deteriorate the Black Market selling of marijuana. Legalizing recreational use of marijuana is the answer to keeping the United States of America a strong nation.