Justice for Kamisha Block

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I am writing to you today to ask for justice for my sister, Kamisha Jane Block. My sister was killed in the military by a member of the military she served with in 2007. She was killed by Paul "Brandon" Norris, who then turned the gun on himself. The two were romantically involved.


Her gruesome murder was then covered up by the Army and her command. My family was initially told that Kamisha was killed by "friendly fire" and she was shot once in the chest. When her body was brought back home to us in Vidor, Texas; we saw the truth. Kamisha was killed by a gunshot wound to the head. She Also was shot 4 other times.. They used fake hair to cover up the wound to her temple.. This was not a mistake but an attempt to cover up what really happened to my beloved sister.


Following the funeral, began the most agonizing year of my life, as my family began to search for answers.


The Army was not forthcoming with us about the truth. My family and I had to file Freedom of Information Requests, make numerous phone calls and kept the pressure on the Army to release the full details of her death.


Throughout our own quest for the truth, we found many soldiers, who are willing to testify under oath, that they were aware of the relationship between the two involved and that they brought this information to their superiors in the Army. Many soldiers reported that Norris acted aggressive and was abusive towards my sister. These soldiers told their command about the issues but nothing was done. One told me, he was ordered to destroy this evidence. Also one witness stated that he saw documents where Brandon was under mental evaluation, which, by policy of the DOD his gun should have been taken. Another witness, soldier, stated that the morning of my sisters death, they went on mission. Three vehicles went out the gate, not far from base, Brandon exited a vehicle and shot a third party contractor.


A year ago, Investigative Discovery featured Kamisha's story and following that story, more soldiers started to call. They detailed a gross negligence of conduct by three men in command, Copeland, Sneed, and Smith. Soldiers are willing to testify under oath that these men knew about the abuse relationship between my sister and Norris but took no action.

I have written an inquiry to the Pentagon. They have responded in mid-August that my sisters case was open. I immediately sent a FOIA for documents, but that did not produce results. No one seems to know where my sisters death report is. The documents I have from the Army are redacted, a lot of information is missing.


I am begging for justice. I want the army to be held accountable. So, I am begging for a congressional hearing. My sister gave her life for our Country and I am begging you to help me achieve justice for Kamisha.


I know this is an uphill battle, but as my sister was willing to fight for her Country, I am willing to fight for her. I will not back down.


Please let these soldiers tell their stories in front of an impartial court.


I know I am asking for the impossible but I need your help.




Shonta Block