Include Puerto Rico in the Bailout of the Mega Corporations

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The territory of PR entered this present pandemic with a state of bankruptcy, precipitated by fiscal mismanagement, a disastrous Hurricane, a major earthquake and fraudulent junk bond sales to the government and investors. This created a massive loss of money that incapacitated the financing of the government's fiscal budget, which placed the burden of irresponsible politicians and investment firms on the individual citizen. The resulting millionary exodus of citizens, physicians, and young graduates has skyrocketed the situation.

Traditionally the US government has preferentially bailed out the largest business corporations, justifying the stimulation of the general economy by its trickle effects on individual citizens. The result ironically has been in the past, hoarding of the cheap money by corporations and banks and reinvesting on speculative schemes that benefit mainly their own interests. So you see, the trickle-down benefit is mainly to their own pockets.

In this pandemic crisis that has not excluded any part of our economy, has put the territory of Puerto Rico in its final agony. Before a significant social crisis and chaos that will promote more exodus toward the mainland, leaves the island a ghost of its previous falsely created showcase to Latin America.

So we solicit the US Congress to refinance our debt at low-interest rates to meet our commitments to the market and allow our economy to awaken from its deathbed. We are not asking for a freebie only a chance to learn from our mistakes and join the rest of our great nation to push forward together.