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Impeachment & Indictment of Judge Gloria Navaroo, Las Vegas

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Judge Gloria Navaroo, has behaved despicably in recent Court Cases acting as a additional Prosecutor, not a neutral referee in the 2 cases brought by the U.S. Prosecutors, against a Mr. Drexler & a Mr. Eric Parker, who will stand trial for a 3rd time for the same incident of April 2014 at the Bundy Ranch.   Drexler and Parker were helping defend the BUNDY Ranch, a four generation operation with recorded grazing rights, because the 200 SWAT TEAM private ARMY of the Bureau of Land Management, had unlawfully killed and buried the Cattle, brandished weapons, and set up "Free Speach Zones" for Cowboy friends of the BUNDYs and threatened another "WACO" if the BUNDYs tried to resist the Trespass and cattle killing in any way.  During the July-August Trials, Judge Navaroo denied Defense most of their "defense witnesses" and "evidence", and directed the Jury in the 2nd trial to "disregard" all of Eric Parkers testimony.   In addition, Judge Navaroo has held Cliven, Ammon, & Ryan & others in prison unlawfully, when they are no flight risk.   Now she is unlawfully allowing the U.S. Prosecutors to JURY shop for a 3rd Jury, in Mid October  2017 hoping to get Parker, Drexler, & Bundy family convicted of felonies, for demanding an end to the killing of their cattle & end to violations of 1st & 2nd Amendment violations.  Judge Navaroo, will not allow the mention of 1st & 2nd Amendments to the United States Constitution to be even mentioned to the Jury.  Bundys have correctly maintained the property rights for grazing on State of Nevada Public Lands, and simply desire to continue growing food and cattle in the desert as they have for a century.   Gloria Navaroo was appointed by Obama on recommendation of Sen. Harry Reid, specifically to force the Bundys to sell their land and land rights, including mineral rights, to the Federal Government.

  Gloria Navaroo needs to be IMPEACHED for TREASON and INDICTED as soon as Possible.

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