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Bipartisan Petition to Impeach Donald J. Trump

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We, the American People, of all political affiliations, having come to the conclusion that the man we elected to the presidency, Donald J. Trump, now represents a clear and present danger to the republic, are demanding his impeachment.

This is not about partisanship; this is about patriotism. In the space of only two days our President-elect blundered into three separate diplomatic crises, two of them involving major nuclear powers in highly sensitive parts of the world. He’s refusing advice, skipping his security briefings. Before he blunders us into war, we, who will pay the price for his errors, must act to remove him from office. 

Though we have had our disagreements, we are still all Americans. We all live and work in this country, have children and friends here. We all care about its future.

Someone who threatens that future should not and can not be allowed to serve.

Please stand with us in asking the United States Congress to begin the impeachment process before President-elect Trump jeopardizes this nation's security.


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