Hold CDC Accountable for Covid Testing Disaster

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The CDC did not permit outside testing services for Covid-19 from January 18 to February 23. 

CDC Testing Chart

CDC averaged less than 100 tests per day for 5 weeks.

Since being forced to give up testing exclusive, state and private labs have grown to 35,000 tests per day.

Covid Tracking

CDC can not even track the number of tests. It 'estimates' 7000 for March 20 but actual count was 35,000.

We spend $7B per year to fund CDC's 10,500 employees to do what?

They can't run tests, they can't count tests. For $7B per year, they should already have cures for all viruses. 

Congress must hold CDC accountable for the many lives lost because of CDC's turf protecting bureaucratic ineptitude.

Government departments that fail the American people should suffer real consequences.