Help Ban Child Sexualization in Media.

Help Ban Child Sexualization in Media.

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Why this petition matters

Started by Kathryn K.

Child Pornography, Child Exploitation, MAPS (Minor Attracted), Children Based Paraphillia, Lolicon.

What do all three of these pieces of media have in common?

These are all types have media that have been used to damage, harm, or even destroy the lives of children across the world, making children into sexual items rather than treating them as what they are... underage. 

MAP "Minor Attracted Person" is a induvial who believes in the sexualization and exploitation of children through media to be a "natural" act and has been used to take advantage of the lgbtq+ community in order to spread the psychological attraction towards minors further.

Predators are now using Twitter, Tumblr, TikTok, and various other sites in order to both sexualize and exploit our younger generations.

Many will even deny the effects of reality, calling it "just fiction" even in spite of the millions that are being groomed, sexualized, exploited, used for financial benefit, stolen, and used by media to be used as nothing but tools for the pleasure of predators across the nation. 

Even recently, the films such as Cuties has shown to have forced underage girls into sexualized positions and have demonized Muslim Religion instead of genuinely benefitting the "cause" that it claimed to have towards our younger generation even in spite of its obvious intentions to sexualize minors.

On average, children are now being pressured to "grow up" and show thier bodies at a younger age, even in spite of the lack of consent or knowledge of sexual contact that minors barely have in the first place as the prefrontal cortex doesnt even fully develop until a individual is well into thier adulthood. Our lips are shut sealed, sold into packages of silence as our bodies are objectified and used against our will in places where we were meant to feel safe.

Many predators using a twisted psychology onto media and the "Age Of Consent" as an excuse for these heinous crimes against our future generations or that media exploiting the image of childhood "lessen" the cases of children being harmed.

When in reality... this is far from the case.

As according to enough is enough, a site dedicated to internet safety: 

"In 2020, IWF analysts processed 299,600 reports, which include tip offs from members of the public. This is up from 260,400 reports in 2019. This is an increase of 15%. Of these reports, 153,350 were confirmed as containing images and/or videos of children being sexually abused. This compares to 132,700 in 2019 - an increase of 16%. Every report contains between one, and thousands of child sexual abuse images and videos. This equates to millions of images and videos. Of these, 68,000 reports were tagged as including “self-generated” child sexual abuse content – a 77% increase on 2019’s total of 38,400 reports. (Internet Watch Foundation, Jan. 12, 2021)"

"TikTok saw removals nearly double between 2019 and 2020."

"YouTube has seen a 169% surge in removals between 2018 and 2020."

"2020 was a record-breaking year, with more than 21.7 million reports of suspected child sexual exploitation made to NCMEC’s CyberTipline. This marks the highest number of reports ever received in one year – a 28% increase over 2019 – and a disturbing 97.5% increase in online enticement reports alone. (NCMEC, Rise in Online Enticement and Other Trends: NCMEC Releases 2020 Exploitation Stats, Feb. 24, 2021)"

"Child pornography offences have exploded by more than 200 per cent in the last decade, a trend that advocates say is fueled by the easy spread of illicit material over the internet. Incidents of child pornography climbed for the eighth year in a row in 2016. The agency recorded 6,245 incidents last year, up from 4,380 in 2015. That represents a more than 40 per cent rate increase in just one year, and a 233 percent spike from the rate reported in 2006 (Statistics Canada, July 2017)"

The numbers have only INCREASED through time.

"Age of Consent" does NOT mean that an adult can steal away the childhood of another, "Age of Consent" does NOT mean that a grown adult can use a child as a sexual object (fictional or not) as the age of consent is for those closer to thier age category. Not for adults who take advantage of the lives of children!

This twist of human psychology grooms our younger generation into thinking as if being objectified or used is somehow a appropiate way for a child to live. When its not! A child is not old enough to have the knowledge of how consent let alone physically take being physically used by those who were meant to "protect" them, just to fail the safety of the child when they needed them most.

Child Pornography, Child Exploitation, MAPS (Minor Attracted), Children Based Paraphillia, Lolicon are all types of media that have only doomed our future generations into further exploitation due to the lack of genuine quality control when it comes how how minors are depicted in media.

Enough is Enough. For too long, media has tolerated the intolerable. 

We are only letting our future generations become further destroyed if we keep letting children-based explicit media be consumed at this rate. 

The numbers of cases of both non-fictiounous/fictional media depicting children being exploited, sexually objectified has only tripled in size through the past decade, and will only continue to rise if our nation refuses to take action against such heinous acts that have seeped through the cracks of mainstream media. 

Every Year, the rates of children being sexually exploited only continues to rise through our media, not just through fiction, but through trafficking and physical exploitation hidden deep within mass media in order to physically take advantage of our younger generations.

At this point, our only hope is to further increase quality control towards potentially exploitive media to keep our younger generations safe, we cannot let our future become trafficked and enslaved to this rhetoric any longer.

In order to accomplish this, laws need to be enforced that done just protect our media from exploitive content, but from human trafficking and exploitation of children as a whole. Please help ban child exploitive/sexualizing media, educate our future generations on humane intercourse/consent, and enforce better laws in regards to human trafficking regarding minors. The exploitation, objectification, and restriction of human rights towards our future generations have gone for far too long and will only spread harm towards minors further if we continue to do nothing but imprison our future generations in silence.

Our nation needs to take that first step towards a better future for our children.


13 have signed. Let’s get to 25!