Hate Speech Is NOT Free-Speech

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With all due respect to the 1st Amendment right to Free-Speech; We, the undersigned demand that there be laws passed with regard to Hate Speech. We define Hate Speech as: Any person or organization whose speech - or print - directly incites bigotry/racism, and/or violence towards any individual or group of people based on discriminating factors or protected status.  Such factors/status include but are not limited to: age, race, creed, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual preference, disability, or veteran.  

To avoid crises and incidents such as Charlottesville, SC and countless other Hate Crimes in our National History; as well as the societal divisions that plague us - we must have laws that either Ban Hate-Speech or provide penalties for such speech. Such penalties should include: probation/community service and rehabilitation , and possible jail time for the most serious cases/offenders. 

Europe and many countries have instituted such laws decades ago, and they continue to be free and vibrant societies with reasonable people and leaders. It is about time we join in the effort to proactively hedge against Hatred and Racism. We want to build a better, safer, and more just society.