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Free viewing of all of Georgia’s current laws

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It has come to my attention that in order for any of citizen of Georgia to see the current laws, you must pay a fee of hundreds of dollars. For many people in Georiga, this fee is too high to even bother seeing the law, keeping them oblivious and in the dark. It is a right to every citizen in Georgia and the United States of America to be able to view the law, without the government attempting to make a gain for knowledge. It is as if Georgia is keeping the laws hostage and only letting it free for a ransom. Georgia's overall percentage of poverty is an unbelievable 16%, this percentage of people can not afford to pay to view the law. This is also the percentage which unfortunately finds the most citizens in prison. With knowledge comes power. If these citizens were more aware of the laws and it's penalties for acting against, they may find it harder to commit the crimes. Breaking the law and claiming ignorance to it is no excuse, however, having it available could eliminate the fines and imprisonment for even the small laws not many know as a quick look will clear any confusion. It is not a privilege to know the law it is a right. According to an article on ACUL "First, it ignores the public’s role as the true author of the law. Second, without free access to the law, you lack the ability to figure out what is legal and what isn’t. Finally, you have a fundamental First Amendment right to see what your government is up to".

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