Forfeiture of benefits for miltary veterans participating in hate and extremist groups

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For 241 years Americans have fought and died to secure our freedoms, to maintain our system of self government and defend this nation from malevolent forces that would destroy this nation.  Our history has included some very dark periods -- the subjugation and extermination of native people, brutal enslavement and oppression of black people, scapegoating and demonization of People of Latin descent, internment and mistreatment of Asian people, and more recently the scapegoating of Muslims.  Under no circumstances should those receiving veterans benefits be permitted to participate in hate groups that, as a primary activity, engage in threatening or violent rhetoric or behavior against fellow residents of the United States.  If determined to be doing so, these veterans forfeit all non-essential (as determined by the Sec'y of defense)  benefits for a period of five years