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Force Republican Politicians to Use a Separate Bathroom

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We must protect ourselves from a group with multiple sex offenders by forcing them use a separate bathroom.  That group is Republican politicians.

The Grand Old Party has had several politicians that have committed sex crimes in public restrooms including Former Senator Larry Craig, Former Florida Representative Bob Allen, and Former Senator Jon Hinson. This group is a known threat to citizens' safety and security.

In North Carolina transgendered people have been denied access bathrooms that they identify with, though there has been no evidence of a trans person committing a sex crime. However, the group that has proven itself to be dangerous continues to pose a threat in public restrooms.

To prevent conservative politicians from dressing as people who are morally just only to expose themselves and their bias to the innocent public, we ask they use a separate restroom.

This would be create the Grand Old Potty, a restroom set aside for the conservative lawmakers. Republican Politicians would only be allowed to use the bathroom that corresponds to their voter registration. Should they chose to use another restroom they would have to complete the necessary paperwork of changing their party affiliation.

We are calling for the following points of action:

  1. Congress pass a law forbidding republican politicians from using the same restrooms as the rest of the public. 
  2. Set up Grand Old Potty spaces for the GOP at public restrooms.
  3. Ensure there are no separate stalls or dividers in the Grand Old Potty so they can continue to monitor the bathroom activities they are so interested in.  
  4. Ensure this Federal law supersedes any state or local laws that may adopt a more tolerant policy toward the group.

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