Fight For Our Lives / End Gun Violence

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We are students of the Los Angeles School of Global Studies who are joining the movement to end gun violence. We are tired of constantly living in fear that the next day will be our last. Throughout the years, the rate of school shootings has increased and has become the second most dangerous place where an active shooter may attack.  In addition, gun violence in the streets has alway affected youth in our community and and has increased uncontrollably, disproportionately affecting the low income youth of color.


On February 14, 2018 students of Stoneman Douglas High School ran for their lives as a former classmate, Nikolas Cruz, took an AR-15 on campus, killing 17 innocent people and injuring about 14 others. The City of Parkland was considered to be Florida's “safest city” of 2018. The nation watched in shock as news coverage of this atrocity spread throughout the nation. Civilians and politicians responded by sending thoughts and prayers to the students and faculty of Stoneman Douglas High School.

However, all over the country there are cities like Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, and Los Angeles where shootings and street altars have become common-place. For decades these cities have been in the shadows - forgotten by congress, those who claim to represent them.

Enough is enough. Thoughts and prayers will not change anything, ACTIONS will. We are demanding our government stop guarding corrupt individuals and to start protecting the laws that will protect the children of our future. How many more Americans have to be sacrificed for YOU to take action? We should NEVER be afraid to go to school, shopping centers, movie theaters, concerts or to simply walk our streets.

As representatives of ALL Americans, we demand that the following legislators take action for sensible gun reform: Jimmy Gomez, Bill Nelson, Marco Rubio, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, and Kamala Harris.

By signing this petition, you will be directing your voice to these key policy makers, demanding that they contribute to helping us pass our demands.

1) Improve Background Checks

Implement stronger universal background checks for every gun purchase. These background checks should include:

28 day background check  
Increase funding for National Instant Criminal Background Check System - NICS
No gun under any circumstances should be sold if a background check is not completed  
Evaluate a person's history of mental illness
Evaluate violent criminal history
Evaluate any possible association with violent hate groups
Evaluate a person’s possible history of domestic violence
Amendment to the Brady Handgun Act to require background checks for ALL gun purchases, closing gun show loopholes on private sales,online and at gun shows.  

2) Assault Weapons Ban

Ban on the individual ownership of military style assault rifles, magazines, and ammunition. Banned weapons should be determined based on a criteria of characteristics, not simply a list of weapons. Licensed gun ranges should be allowed to rent the use of these weapons for recreational purposes.  

3) Eliminate the Dicky Amendent

Remove the amendment to allow the CDC to use their funds to research the effects of guns on public health.



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