Families of Healthcare Workers Who Die from COVID19 Deserve Financial Support/Scholarships

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Throughout this pandemic, there is one standout sector of our workforce that is tirelessly battling COVID-19 on the frontlines on behalf of the people of the United States: our healthcare workers.

Our nation is at war with an invisible foe. Like our military on the battlefield, doctors, nurses, EMTs, ambulance drivers, morgue attendants, hospital security staff, lab techs and others are putting their lives in peril 24/7 to care for the sick and dying and to provide comfort to their families.

We’ve seen in China and Europe that healthcare workers are dying by the hundreds; a number that may be significantly higher by the end of this pandemic. Unfortunately, the United States will be no different. Despite the efforts of federal, state and municipal governments to keep them safe, the pathology of this virus puts our healthcare workers at risk constantly.

We cannot allow their sacrifices to be in vain, and we cannot abandon them once this pandemic has passed.

Please join us and sign this petition to force Congress to pass legislation guaranteeing financial assistance and scholarships to the families of the dedicated healthcare workers who die from COVID-19.

It’s the right thing to do NOW!