Fair Streaming Payout and Structure for Music Artists

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   As we all know, the streaming world has a great influence on the music industry. With that, musicians, artists and labels have lost great amounts of loss of revenues because of unlimited streaming of music. Right now, an artist gets paid a few thousandths of a penny per stream in royalties in which is causing great strain on the lifestyles of artists who make or are trying to make a living off music.  With this petition, I am proposing a limitation to how many plays a fan can stream a song before they will have to pay for a full unlimited license to stream that song. 

In my petition, I am proposing that a fan can only have 50 free streams per song. After they use up their streams, they will have to pay for a full unlimited licence/download  to play the song.


  • Apple per stream pay 0.0078 cents. Now Apple payout for 50 Streams x $0.0078 = $0.39. A single download is $1.29. Apple download commission/fee is $0.30 . That leaves the artist/label with $0.99. Now once you add $0.39 + $0.99 = $1.38. That will be the pay out for an artist/label in which will benefit the artist and streaming site. 

The way they pay out now hinders new up and coming artists from getting paid in a timely and just manner for their hard work. My proposal is to help all artists get paid what it due fairly to them. There are Grammy winning artists that are still considered starving artists because the streaming industry has hurt revenues so badly. right now, the only ones truly benefiting from this are the streaming companies CEOs. This needs to change. They make a living capitalizing more off the artists investment than the artists do. This is not fair and needs to change. Sign this petition if you feel artists are not getting fair treatment and compensation for their hard work and investment. 

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